ZMW x Patty Mills x Australian Indigenous Basketball

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ZMW x Patty Mills: Watch the Film Now

Creating Clean, Sustainable Drinking Water for Remote Indigenous Communities

We’re honored to announce that Zero Mass Water has launched a partnership with Patty Mills of the San Antonio Spurs to bring a renewable supply of clean water to remote indigenous Australia.
With the support of the National Basketball Players Association, SOURCE Hydropanels were installed in six remote Australian communities.
Using only sunlight and air, SOURCE will provide more than 5,000 litres of drinking water per month, giving communities access to a safe, resilient supply of water.
This is just the beginning. Patty Mills, AIB, and ZMW will continue supporting remote communities with Hydropanel installations, celebrating water, culture, and innovation.

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Installation Sites

Indigenous Installation Sites

Drinking Water Challenges in Remote Communities

Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth. In remote communities, the realities of drought are compounded by the challenge of accessible power and supply infrastructure. The resulting impacts on quality and availability of drinking water disproportionately affect vulnerable populations in these communities.

Water plays a vital role in the cultural, spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing of rural Aboriginal Australia.

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Zero Mass Water is on a mission to make drinking water an unlimited resource for every person, every place.

SOURCE is installed in 30 countries and counting.